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  • The Long Result
  • John Brunner
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  • 13 May 2019
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Characters õ The Long Result ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Und in the lethal atmosphere of Earth Then the vital controlled environment for the Tau Cetian delegation is sabotaged Oxygen leaks in and the aliens are half burnt alive Even if it means brutal murder The Stars Are For Man League is d. I ve owned this book most of my life if I read it as a child I definitely didn t understand it Reading this now 50 years post publication I am struck by how clever fresh insightful and positive it is It strikes me as a model blend of the best SF of the 40s and 50s and the skillful breaking of the limiting mindset that insisted only engineering counted as science In all however this reading it struck me as a 5 star tale with interesting characters credible foibles great thinking piece enjoyable storyexcept Except for the too convenient ending where we can t miss that two critical contributors to murder attempts are not held accountable for their parts and instead are multiply rewarded because of it This sours the story making us think Really It s okay if I sponsor murderers as long as I get someone else to pull the triggerStill I ll read this book again after some time and see what else I learn from it

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Characters õ The Long Result ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Etermined to shatter the harmony between Earth and civilizations on other planets and to keep mankind supreme among the alien life forms Only one man can stop them a man who unknowingly nurses a viper in his bosom First published in 19. I bought this book at a used store after reading the back cover as it seemed a little too prescient for our current times The plot described an Earth struggling with racism and protectionism at the hands of the Stars Are For Man League an organization that uses xenophobia and outright hatred to promote its goals which are the subjugation of alien races and the promotion of human space colonization at their expense Sound familiarThe story is told through the lens of Roald Vincent a high ranking bureaucrat in the Bureau of Culture BuCult who is responsible for managing Earth s relationships with the two colonies There are a series of mysterious acts of terrorism that are linked back to the Stars Are For Man League and Vincent has to work with other authorities to attempt to determine the various connections between people and events in what ultimately in some respect turns out to be a whodunit novelThe ultimate revelation of the mystery is little mystery though Brunner takes care to pepper in a number of red herrings along the way he also ensures that there are a few turns and twists that are not nearly as predictable and that are ultimately satisfying whether the reader was able to guess at the resolution of the mystery or not The story is under 200 pages always a welcome pace for these kinds of stories but it still feels a bit bogged down at times because of the intellectual nature of Vincent the narrator His language is a little well bureaucratic at times and although it makes sense for him to take the actions he does it still feels as though it might have been better for Brunner to get to the point John Wyndham faces the same issues with his narrators these kinds of overly intellectual middle class sorts who feel the need to expound everything they are thinkingStill the bloat is not a huge issue and the book does not suffer much for it If you like John Wyndham or other similar authors you will enjoy The Long Result It takes a few great ideas works them into a believable narrative and presents some interesting philosophical discussions along the way It s not a classic SF novel but I enjoyed it and I think that others would too

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Characters õ The Long Result ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB When racial hatred turns to murderous menace First a rocket ship loses its engines on take off and is destroyed On board an important extra terrestrial visitor Next someone slams into the sealed vehicle used for transporting aliens aro. Originally published on my blog here in January 2003Much early American pulp science fiction is extremely chauvinistic having an attitude to alien races closely related to the worst racist propaganda aliens are menacing evil creatures seeking to take over the universe It is easy to get carried away by an exciting story only to realise afterwards that it has an unpleasant hidden meaning of this sort Superhuman heroes battle inhuman hordes and win the love of beautiful women women are kidnapped and rescued in the nick of time from tentacular fates worse than deathJohn Brunner has always written novels which were for their time slightly apart from the science fiction mainstream and in The Long Result he produced one in opposition to the clich s of the genre even if they were already outmoded by 1965 The main menace in the novel comes from the crackpot Stars Are For Man League dedicated to putting human beings in a superior position over the various alien races in this part of the galaxy on the grounds that humanity invented the star drive which enabled them to discover the aliens rather than the other way round This is not coincidentally similar to nineteenth century arguments to justify colonialismThe narrator Roald Vincent is a senior official of the Bureau of Cultural Relations which handles contacts not just with the aliens but also with human colony worlds He has to handle a rapidly escalating crisis when a ship from Starhome the first interstellar ship not to be built on Earth announces when about to land that it carries a diplomatic mission from a newly discovered alien species This makes them the focus of attacks by the League and the crisis is also being used in political manoeuvring between Earth and Starhome a colony beginning to press for independenceThe political ideas are unusually sophisticated for the science fiction of the time and yet The Long Result is still primarily an adventure story which has a style owing a lot to John Wyndham It is clearly a milestone on the path of development which led Brunner to Stand on Zanzibar and the dystopias which followed it well worth reading