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Sakharov the Bear (Michael Gresham Series Book 6) (English Edition)

summary Sakharov the Bear (Michael Gresham Series Book 6) (English Edition) 108 characters Sakharov the Bear (Michael Gresham Series Book 6) (English Edition) Rtroom thriller is essentially the same whether the courtroom is in Chicago or Moscow Russia However what can happen is like night and day between Chicago and Moscow Very frightening Russia and Vladimir Putin have been receiving lots of press coverage lately Did any of this figure into Sakharov the Bear A Actually uite a lot of it inspired the financial thriller aspects of the book There is always spying and counter spying going on between the two countries It was just a matter of tapping into some of this Such as A Russian interference in the recent Presidential election arms limitation talks military weapons smuggled into the US for terrorists to use It goes on and on in this thriller The book is billed as a legal thriller Isn t it just as much a spy thriller too A Anyone who loves stories about spying and spycraft is going to love this book It s a book that s heavy on detail that just makes you feel like you re right there Is there any plan to continue on with the Russian courtroom setting Or the Moscow settings A There are some thoughts about continuing on with the lawyer Antonia and the spies Russell and Petrov These are exciting characters to me and their stories are very compelling.

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summary Sakharov the Bear (Michael Gresham Series Book 6) (English Edition) 108 characters Sakharov the Bear (Michael Gresham Series Book 6) (English Edition) FROM USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR JOHN ELLSWORTHA Legal Thriller in a Russian Courtroom DramaTwo CIA field operators obtain a bill of lading from an arms supplier in Moscow Tracing the origin and destination of the weapons there is reason to believe a massive arms shipment has come into the US through the Port of Long Beach While their investigation proceeds the CIA operatives are arrested in Russia and put on trial for stealing state secrets and murder Michael Gresham appears in Moscow to defend them but the trial turns into a kangaroo court of Russian justice Corruption and undercover deceit threaten to put the Americans in front of a Russian firing suadEvery Lawyer Novel Needs a TrialThe jury trial that follows is probably Michael s strangest case ever People die and people disappear secrets are stolen and confessions are made butis any of this based on truth and reality Or is everything a wall of disinformation meant to throw off the Americans and stymie all attempts at justice in the Russian court Watch from your front row seat as Michael takes on the KGB only to find the judge sending him to jail because he fought back in court Everything is at risk here as we look in on the America.

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summary Sakharov the Bear (Michael Gresham Series Book 6) (English Edition) 108 characters Sakharov the Bear (Michael Gresham Series Book 6) (English Edition) N President the NSA the CIA and DoD while the story accelerates to its exciting and shocking climaxOther Books in the Michael Gresham Series of Legal and Financial Thrillers Sakharov the Bear is part of the Attorney Michael Gresham Mystery Thriller Series which hasthan five star reviews and a million readers and counting If you love a page turning thriller with mystery clandestine plotting and a dash of romance pick up Sakharov the Bear todayThis stand alone novel features leading man Michael Gresham Look for other mystery and legal and financial thriller books featuring Michael Gresham including The Lawyer Secrets Girls Keep The Law Partners Carlos the Ant and now Sakharov the Bear They can be read in any orderEnjoy this Lawyer Mystery Thriller Series FREE as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription You can read these Kindle Unlimited books online via yourKindle Fire or on any smartphone or tablet with the freeBooks Kindle reading appTimely and revealing in this age of renewed Russian militancy American Institute of JusticeInterview With Author John Ellsworth Where did you get the Russian scenes The book takes place in MoscowA One trip to Moscow is all something like this takes The cou.

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