[EBOOK / KINDLE] Public Marriage Private Secrets by Helen Bianchin

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 192
  • Public Marriage Private Secrets
  • Helen Bianchin
  • English
  • 12 September 2019
  • 9780373129454

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free download Public Marriage Private Secrets characters Public Marriage Private Secrets ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Eir marriage Discovering Raúl's infidelity Gianna leftBut the Spaniard who stole her heart has returnedAs far as Raúl is concerned his marriage to Gianna was simply postponed. This is really not my kind of book It had a lovely ending and that s the reason I am giving it three stars To be honest I am not a fan of other woman or other man drama and to make it worse he had been in a three month affair with the OW before meeting the woman he fell in love with and married She was evil personified and worked hard to separate the two She did Thankfully there was a very wonderful HEA that saved it for me

free download Public Marriage Private Secrets

Public Marriage Private Secrets

free download Public Marriage Private Secrets characters Public Marriage Private Secrets ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Now he wants his wife back In public they are the perfect society couple; in private the secrets of their past still haunt them both and their desire is just as strong as ever. After Gianna s miscarriage she felt alone and emotionally detached from husband Raul Velez Saldana But when the beautiful Sierra s answer s his phone when she calls him while he s out of town for business and insinuates things are going on between closed doors she packs up and leaves She refused to answer his calls and the one time he flew out to see her refused him then too Claiming the next move was hersNow four years later Gianna has her own successful business and a uiet life That changes though when her husband for neither filed for divorce shows up wishing to take her back to Madrid to see his mother who has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer Gianna can t not go see Teresa who to this day still treated her like a daughter So making arrangements they both head homeThrough time spent with Raul his mother and social events Gianna begins to uestion whether she had justifiable reasons to leave Raul While he s away she decides to do the digging she should have done four years ago and finally learns the truth Her only choice now is too decide how to combine her life in Gold Coast with her new oneAlthough there wasn t a lot of thoughts in Raul point of view it was nice to know that he honestly loved her from the beginning remained faithful through their separation and fought for her when the opportunity came to him

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free download Public Marriage Private Secrets characters Public Marriage Private Secrets ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Four years ago Gianna made a whirlwind marriage to the man she loved Raúl Velez Saldaña was the father of her baby But tragically her pregnancy didn't last and neither did th. Heroine and hero were blissfully married but after she suffered a miscarriage she felt depressed and abandoned her husband Raul cause an evil OW made her believe he was cheating on her which wasn t true In fact he stayed celibate during their separation Three years later hero s mother is dying and her final wish is to see Gianna again Gianna visits her mother in law and spends time with Raul She realizes she was wrong about him He never cheated and he never stopped loving her Good angsty read Both hero and heroine were likable and the evil OW a real bitch Short epilogue was adorable