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Read & Download Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú Herman Melville Clarel AUTHOR Herman Melville Free download Æ 104 Lville’s inner life Most strikingly it is argued that the character Vine is a portrait of Melville’s friend Nathaniel Hawthorne Clarel is one of the most complex theological explorations of faith and doubt in all of American literature and this edition brings Melville’s poem to new life. INDICEPrefazioneCLARELI JERUSALEMGERUSALEMMEI The Hostel I L 0stello II Abdon II Abdon XXV Huts XXV Tuguri XXXII Of Rama XXXII Rama XXXIV They Tarry XXXIV Indugiano XXXv11 A Sketch XXXVII BozzettoII THE WILDERNESSLA DESOLAZIONEXVI Night in Jericho XVI Notte a Gerico XVIII The Syrian Monk XVIII Il monaco siriano XXXV Prelusive XXXV Preludendo XXXVI Sodom XXXVI Sodoma XXXVIII The Fog XXXVIII La nebbiaIV BETHLEHEMBETLEMMEX A Monument X Un monumento XX Derwent and Ungar XX Derwent e Ungar XXI Ungar and Rolfe XXI Ungar e Rolfe

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Clarel AUTHOR Herman Melville

Read & Download Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú Herman Melville Clarel AUTHOR Herman Melville Free download Æ 104 N named Clarel on pilgrimage through the Palestinian ruins with a provocative cluster of companions            But modern critics have found Clarel a much better poem than was ever realized Robert Penn Warren called it a precursor of The Waste Land It abounds with revelations of Me. Oh Melville this is uite an arduous poem you ve written here Sure there are excellent passages about faith doubt and the problem of evil but the poesy isn t much sometimes it s outright bad and the story doesn t exist Basically Melville invents a bunch of characters who embody different ideas and has them talk to each other A lotDon t read this unless you re a Melville scholar

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Read & Download Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú Herman Melville Clarel AUTHOR Herman Melville Free download Æ 104 Melville’s long poem Clarel A Poem and Pilgrimage in the Holy Land 1876 was the last full length book he published Until the mid twentieth century even the most partisan of Melville’s advocates hesitated to endure a four part poem of 150 cantos and almost 18000 lines about a naive America. Reading Clarel For Melville s BicentennialTo celebrate the 200th anniversary of Melville s birth August 1 1819 I decided to read his books that I hadn t read before I read his novel Pierre or the Ambiguities and then turned to the long narrative poem that Melville published in 1876 with financial assistance from a generous relative Clarel A Poem and Pilgrimage in the Holy Land I was moved to read Clarel when I learned that the Library of America will be publishing the poem together with Melville s other poetry in a volume to be released this August I didn t want to wait for the LOA volume Many years ago I purchased Clarel from a used book store in this 1960 volume edited by the American literary and historical scholar Walter Bezanson 1912 2011 Despite good intentions the book had long gathered dust on my shelf It came recommended to me as a way to approach the difficulties of Melville s poem and I was glad to have the book to hand and to turn to at lastBezanson s book is invaluable to approach a poem which is daunting on every level It begins with a lengthy introduction which summarizes Melville s career and the writing of Clarel Bezanson offers background on the poem its reception and its difficult language and its meter He offers a summary of the action of the poem in each of its four long parts together with discussions of the setting and of the many complex characters I read the Introduction before turning to Clarel and consulted it freuently during my reading Following the text of the poem this edition includes a maps of the Palestine of Melville s day and of the route followed by the pilgrims in the poemA lengthy additional section discusses the characters in the poem and the roles each plays Then Bezanson offers lengthy explanatory notes which discuss many of the difficult references and passages in the poem These materials helped me immeasurably in my journey with ClarelClarel had its origins in a journey Melville took to the Holy Land in 1856 1857 At this time his career as a novelist had failed with the exception of Billy Budd published after his death Melville secured a tedious day job working at the customs house in New York City and worked on his poem at night It is easy to understand the chagrin Melville s wife and family felt at his devoting his time to this markedly difficult and never to be popular poem The poem failed upon publication and failed for many years thereafter even with the strong revival of interest in Melville in the 1920s With its length and difficulty the poem remains little read but has gathered attention from Melville s admirers and will undoubtedly receive some additional attention through the LOA volumeMelville used his journey to Palestine the journal he kept of his trip and his extensive reading as the basis for Clarel The title character is a young American student of theology who comes to Palestine and search of faith and also as it develops of love In the course of his stay Clarel meets many other pilgrims The two primary characters are Rolfe who seems to be modeled on Melville himself and Vine who is usually taken for Melville s friend Hawthorne Other characters represent a variety of theological philosophical and political positions from deeply believing Christians to scientific materialists heavily influenced by DarwinThe book is in four large parts each of which is subdivided into many cantos The first part describes Clarel s stay in Jerusalem where he sees many of the historic sites of the city engages in discussions and ultimately falls in love with a young American Jewish woman Ruth When Ruth s father dies Clarel sets out on a pilgrimage which lasts ten days but seems longer The second part of the book describes the long exacting journey through Palestine through the desert and to the Dead Sea The third part describes a three day stay at a Greek monastery Mar Saba In the fourth part the pilgrims return to Bethlehem and Clarel ultimately travels to Jerusalem where he learns Ruth has died There is a short concluding EpilogueThe book is full of the desolation and ruin of Palestine in the mid 19th Century Readers may find this history set out clearly in other books but Melville captures a strong sense of place and history There are moments of action in the book as Melville describes the journey of his pilgrims But most of the book is inward and most of it focuses on extensive theological philosophical and political discussions among the major protagonists and several minor characters Broadly the discussions center upon the existence of God the necessity or its lack of religious faith to provide meaning to life the relationship between faith and science and finding a form of religion in a world in which traditional creeds seem to have lost their vitality and meaning The book shows how the characters interact and their varied impact on each other and on the young ClarelThe poem is made difficult by its sheer length by its awkward meter archaic language and subject matter The book is full of allusions to the Bible the classics to sites in Palestine to literature and to political events in Melville s day These considerations and others make for a slow difficult book which understandably was judged a failure when it appeared In its tone of earnestness and moral seriousness Clarel has much in common with Victorian and romantic literatureOn working through Clarel I found it mixed with many effective passages both in poetry and content as well as much that is tedious The poetical meter is handled effectively than I had anticipated on the whole and monotony is relieved on several occasions through songs and variations in meter and tempo The poem describes in terms I can understand the religious uest and the various options Melville saw in the religious search The material is difficult and presented in different guises and forms again and again in the poem It is still a moving picture of religious search Is is so often the case with religious search Clarel s religious journey for faith is intertwined with uestions and doubts about his sexuality and sexual responses The poem suggest a profound skepticism in understanding the mystery of life and religion while suggesting the necessity of engaging with these uestions in one s lifeClarel is not a work to recommend to the casual reader Still the work was important to Melville and will help the reader with a passion for this author The poem is valuable for itself in showing a depth of engagement with uestions of religion secularism and faith I was glad to have made the effort to struggle with Clarel It is a precious gift to have this work available in the LOA as an example of the depth and difficulty of American literature and of the American experienceRobin Friedman