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  • Thorneless Rose of Thorne #2
  • Mia Michelle
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  • 10 October 2019
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Mia Michelle Ä 6 summary

Mia Michelle Ä 6 summary free read Thorneless Rose of Thorne #2 106 When I was at my lowest darkest point He believes he can make me forget everything that he can actually fix my broken heart But there’s only so many times you can be broken and put back together One. I was given an ARC for an honest review5 big Stars All I can say is WOWI loved Rose of Thorne and was waiting with baited breath for the second one and Mia does not disappoint Once you start reading it is really hard to stop She takes you on roller coaster ride of emotions with Lucas Skylar and Sebastian You should have Kleenex nearby I laughed yelled cried and yelled some I am team Sebastian big time There is just something about his tortured soul that gets to me What I loved the most about this book is that it is not predictable and it keeps you guessing Very intense and I like that If you have not read this series I strongly recommend you do so I can t wait for the next book in this series Congrats Mia on another awesome story

characters Thorneless Rose of Thorne #2

Thorneless Rose of Thorne #2

Mia Michelle Ä 6 summary free read Thorneless Rose of Thorne #2 106 I hate himSebastian Thorne has officially taken everything from meNow I’m nothing but an empty shell of who I once was ruined to ever love againI never expected Lucas Drake to walk back into my life. I absolutely loved the first part of this series and I hoped the seuel would appeal to me even I was not disappointed I read this book in one sitting wouldn t go to sleep until I had finished itThe cliffhanger at the end of the first book Rose of Thorne left me desperate for Everything Skylar had gone through made her a stronger person but she was shattered once again when she discovered the long held secret kept from her by SebastianIn this book she meets up with Lucas again He wants to be able to help her get through things move on and forget Sebastian But Skylar is so deeply in love with Sebastian it is going to take a lot than any of them realisedThe story has its fair share of twists and turns as once again Skylar finds her life becoming complicated Again it is told from seperate POV s allowing the reader an insight into the different feelings of the main charactersYet again the author manages to throw a spanner in the works leaving us with an even bigger cliffhanger by the end In fact it s of a double cliffhanger to be honestAfter thinking I knew which way Skylar would go everything was thrown up in the air than once I m so glad I only have to wait until February hopefully for the third part of this story

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Mia Michelle Ä 6 summary free read Thorneless Rose of Thorne #2 106 Thing is for certain I have to erase the memory of Sebastian Thorne no matter what it takes If I am ever to survive this heartbreak I must do the one impossible thing I Skylar Rose must becomeThornele. You dnt knw hw mch i loooooove this story I finshed both books in one day Geeesh im torn between this two handsome eually lovely man I love them both but i knw skylar will only be happy with sebastian so come on lets give them their happy ending But lets not forget lucas too Im soooo dying to read book 3 and see how the story will unfold so Book 3 pleaaaaseeee Thank you smuch for the wonderful story U made my day soooo good