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Free read Ç Kiss Author Francine Pascal Through just one kissWe'll see about th. I ve read this series over ten years ago But I remember it being very good For the first 18 books After that the it lasted the worst it got I stopped at book 32 These days I wouldn t give it than 20Back to the good stuff I found that Gaia was a good strong pretty but still flawed character She was special without being annoying It s just that once the author stopped looking over the shoulder of the ghost writer Things went down the drain pretty fastLast note The series may be in boxes but I won t be giving them away any time soon She s a good example of an interesting main character in an interesting premise

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Free read Ç Kiss Author Francine Pascal I've heard that you can learn everythin. Basic Plot Thanksgiving break commences Gaia spends time with Mary Heather finally knows Sam has fallen for Gaia A sideplot about a plastic surgeon tracking down Gaia goes nowhere Our heroine is rushed to the hospital after going unconscious in Sam s dorm and Gaia is left to wonder if the night with Sam really happenedDespite that plot description I gave you nothing much happens in this book In fact I m willing to say that even Twisted had events happen in it disregarding how facepalm inducing they were This book was so lackluster and boring I was reminded why I initially stopped reading this series in the first place1 I feel like the plastic surgeon plot was put in just to make the book longer If you took out his subplot the book s content wouldn t change at all He doesn t even succeed in catching Gaia His character is hardly built upon and all that s left is a just page lengthener of events that don t add up to the rest2 Why would Ella think putting in just ONE tracking device in Gaia s jacket is going to be a 100% no fail scheme I can get that the devices can be expensive especially when it was revealed to be a bomb but Ella could have went the extra effort in planting multiple trackers in all of Gaia s jackets She only nearly succeeded because Gaia stuck to just one jacket instead of alternating between 2 4 different ones3 Gaia claims in her opening narrative that Somebody tries to kill me at least once a week At least one event David was because of her own stupidity and wanting to track down and eliminate The Gentleman If Gaia hadn t ran into David she could have slipped under his blonde radar among dozens of other potential victims he d kill instead4 I love how Gaia still claims she went on her real first date of my life without bothering to wonder why some random dweeb she crashed into in the school hallway asked her out or hang out with David before the actual date I already mentioned this in my previous review but it still irks me5 Kiss yet again brings up the sexist statements against men by claiming they re all sex obsessed Although this one time it s justified since the chapter was in Ella s POV6 I m starting to wonder why George and Ella are married in the first place if she s such a vapid woman with barely any likeable traits7 Why does Ella resort to attempting to shoot Gaia after she gets one punch to the face She was kind of asking for it after verbally abusing her beforehand8 The story claims Gaia punched Ella out cold yet in the actual chapter it happens in Ella gets up shortly after getting punched Possible annoying retcon9 Loki still attempts to be anonymous yet keep in mind trackable email communication is likely still going to keep taking place between him and Ella10 Speaking of Loki how s he managing to see all the events that happened For example when Ella was placing the tracking device in Gaia s coat pocket Are there hidden cameras in the house or something This makes no freaking sense in the slightest11 In the parade subplot one of the balloons are mentioned to be a Random Rugrat without ever saying which character from Rugrats it is at least two times This could have been a copyright issue but then how did the book get permission to mention Spiderman Snoopy and Clifford all on the same page To me it just comes off as the author lacking basic knowledge about Rugrats a classic and well loved Nicktoon12 Francine Pascal doesn t also seem to think pumpkin pie has it s fans even though there are plenty of people that enjoy it13 Why would Mary randomly send MMs in with her letter to Gaia It stupid enough and not to mention the chocolate has a chance of melting if it s hot enough in the package or mail van rendering the letter unreadable14 According to Ella Gaia s been to the hospital twice so far in the series Where was Ella the first time Gaia ended up thereWhat a boring read but I wonder if the next book will be 1% better

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Free read Ç Kiss Author Francine Pascal G you want to know about a man's heart. Some satisfying action seuences Better than the other two of this series which I read