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Blacker than Black Summary ↠ 4 Download Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook À Rhi Etzweiler Him It won’t go awayNeither will he and he’s forcing us to spy on his peers Then a vamp turns up dead and we go from playing eyes and ears to investigating a murder This isn’t what I signed up for All I ever wanted was to sell a little chi maybe steal some in return I should’ve kept my damn hands to myselfThis is my story Look through my eyes. Although Rhi s novel has a different take on vampires than I expected I still enjoyed it just the same The vampires in this world live on chi life force rather than blood and they have had an uprising where humans no longer rule the world the vampires or rather lyche do The new world that Black and his twin sister is different from their childhood but they have adapted as best they can by becoming nightwalkers those who sell their chi rather than their body All is running fairly smoothly until Black chooses a client who turns their world upside down changing all that they knew about lyche their past and themselvesThe story is written from Black s POV and while we get to understand Black s responses mostly and experience his confusion it does limit our knowledge of the other characters particularly Leonard While this reinforces how confusing and uncertain the whole situation is for Black as the reader I would have appreciated knowing about Leonard than what Black knows This is not a romantic story in many ways but there is a romance that develops between Black and Leonard almost in spite of themselves In the place of a true romance this is much of an urban fantasypolitical dramamurder mystery Much of the interaction between the 2 MC s is by way of the investigation while the political situation dictates many of Leonard s responses The writing is tight with the pacing pretty even throughout While it s not uite the novel I was expecting I did enjoy this different vision of vampires and world in which they live

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Blacker than Black

Blacker than Black Summary ↠ 4 Download Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook À Rhi Etzweiler One night and one sale change everythingMonsieur Garthelle is the first john to hunt me down He calls me a chi thief in one breath and offers absolution servitude in the next Maybe I’m a sucker but I like living and breathing Strange that such a powerful vamp would show leniency to a mere human And something’s not right with the chi I took from. I m stunned How could a vampire book be so original So marvelous so perfectyes I know it seems a little exaggerated but let me tell you not always what we think is a clich will be a clich When I got this book I saw friends saying it was a very well written story BTW check the publisher site There is a free sample so check it I m not kidding it s really impressive the uality of this book What I thought Oh come on vampires It s a very well know theme It s really that good It s originalFolks I was an asshole Yes I admit I wait for so long to read it and now I m VERY DISAPPOINTED with myself Why I wait so longThe fact is why I was so skeptical Because I m a vampire slut and I read A LOT of vampire novels I know it s hard to find something new original some story that will catch my attentionI find it and I find much Black story is not easy neither predictable It start with something that already made me VERY curious This is my story Look though my eyes that s how the reader will know Black that s how the reader will after just one phrase be already hookedIn an alternative reality where vampires are the rulers humans sell their aura aka chi to feed them our hero and only narrator will tell us page by page paragraph by paragraph word by word his journey to discover himself and his world No one know much about vampires and let me tell you it s not right they are lyche and be called a vampire is the worst possible offense In the lynche society a very mysterious influent lyche will take Black and his sister from the streets it s for his sexual pleasure It s for his feeding It s to help solve a mysterious death It s all the time like that You will be obsessed never putting it down because you want to know you need to know So yes I think it was a big mistake postpone this reading I did it because I was thinking it was another vampire story and I forgot somethingThere are cute things we can seeand There are cute things we can seeThere are Tv shows that can catch our attentionand There are Tv shows that can catch our attentionThere are things to scary usand There are things to scary us So yes friends and dear readers of this reviewThere are vampire books and there is this vampire book I recommend it It s not just a vampire story it s the vampire sci fi story that hold me captive for 4 days I was him Black and I look though his eyes what you are waiting to do the same5 stars

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Blacker than Black Summary ↠ 4 Download Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook À Rhi Etzweiler Apparently my twin and I are two of York’s most notorious criminals We’ve been Nightwalkers in the blue light district since the vamps took over the world Don’t know how many years it’s been Long enough that a stream of fellow ’walkers have come and gone Most don’t last long selling their chi End up face down in the gutter or worseFor us. Not your ordinary bloodthirsty vampires They are Lyche beings who feed from the energy of other living creatures humans animals vampiresBlack and Jhez twins are Nightwalkers who sell their chi their life energy to vampires but they re also special because they get from their johns not only their credits but also their own energy One night though Black steals chi from Monsieur Garthelle the ruler of York who demands Black for compensation Black and Jhez will work for him at one of his gatherings of vampires During that first night a powerful vampire who is connected with the twins too is killed and Garthelle asks them to help him investigate Slowly as they get deeper into the politics history and rules of Lyche Black discovers things about their heritage while the connection with Garthelle prompted by that fateful first chi theft becomes intimate and dangerousThis is not an easy read so if you re in the mood for something fluffy and light this might not be the book for you but it might be right if you re looking for a complex and dark storyThe writing the setting and the protagonists are not only written they are chiseled in this book I read another book co written by the same author where I loved the imaginative politics ruling that world and I found the same depth of analysis here Honestly the bonds and maneuvers ingrained in the Lyche mentality and Black s complexity sometimes seemed that the author could chew so I think the ambition and strive for perfection that are palpable in every single word of the book sometimes weighed on the tellingThe author chose a difficult path The story is written in the first person present tense point of view of Black It probably couldn t have been written in another way because we need that kind of immersion in the story to be able to appreciate what Black decides to show or to hide to the reader what Black understands or misinterprets of what s going onIn the literal swirl of emotions binding all the characters I felt I sometimes lost the connection with Black as if I was being cut off Maybe it was because Black was often guarded in a self protection mode so I wasn t able to feel close enough Usually it s the love interest that elicits the most unguarded emotions of the protagonist but in this story I thought Black was sincere while reflecting on how the father abandoned their family It showed the deep hurt that experience caused to Black especially when Black was trying to hide it to deflect the attention of other peopleI think the part between the 25% to the 50% of the book was a bit long and I admit I thought the description of the emotional bond between Black and Garthelle was repeated too many times It s true that it shows the progression of this link but this paired up with the slow investigation at the beginning made the book drag a bit After the 50% mark the book literally flew for meAnother small complaint view spoilerWe learn that Lyche are hermaphrodite and I was very fascinated by Black s observation of the way the masculine and feminine elements combined in different vampires from a perfect mixture in Garthelle s feature to a predominant male look in Black s father but I think the revelation would have been effective if the reader had been clued in on this mixture earlier It could also be that I wasn t tuned on this so I missed the clues in the beginning hide spoiler