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  • Paperback
  • 432
  • Blackbird A Childhood Lost and Found
  • Jennifer Lauck
  • English
  • 06 November 2019
  • 9780671042561

Jennifer Lauck â 6 Summary

Blackbird A Childhood Lost and Found Free read ☆ 6 In from her mysterious illness could be patted away with powder and a kiss on the cheek But when everything that Jenny had come to rely on begins to crumble an odyssey of loss loneliness and a child's will to survive takes flight. Would you ever let anything bad happen to your daughter or sister Well in the book Blackbird written by Jennifer Lauck that s really all that does happen to young Jennifer She is a great main character because she is very independent and optimistic That s part of why I love this book It s amazing to read how this little girl did everything on her own even though she had been dealt a bad hand That makes it very emotional As soon as she overcame one obstacle another one just as hard came along This is why the all of the conflicts complete the book Blackbird is a great book because it s very emotional Throughout most of the book the reader will want to cry Reading how much this little girl had to go through has touch the reader s heart You would think after everything that happened such as when her mom died she would shut out the world That s not what she did at all She tried to make the best of everything that came her way The other thing that makes it emotional is that everything that happened to Jennifer actually happened in her lifetime The characters are another reason why I love this book The book is interesting to read because it comes from the perspective of a little girl Jennifer is so full of love and kindness The best part of seeing Momma is how she always calls me Sunshine and how there s that look in her dark brown eyes It s one of those special looks for special people Jennifer observes and loves even the slightest gestures from her mom such as the way she looks at her All of the conflicts make the book complete The book made me mad and upset when I read everything that happened to Jennifer It was problem after problem after problem Jennifer s mom died her dad remarried to a mean woman with mean children she got sent away to summer camp and got raped her father died her step mom kicked her out etc Over the course of seven years from ages 5 to 12 Jennifer overcame all of those situations on her own That just proves how independent she was Blackbird is an amazing book because it s very emotional I know when I read something I like to either laugh or read about the characters emotions That s what this book will make the reader do if one reads it The characters also help in doing that Because the characters all existed and everything they did actually happened makes everything better I like stories that are interesting dramatic and true It wasn t like there were just one or two real conflicts there were numerous So would you want to read this book

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Blackbird A Childhood Lost and Found Free read ☆ 6 Ldhood lost Wrenching and unforgettable Blackbird will carry your heart awayTo young Jenny the house on Mary Street was home the place where she was loved a blue sky world of Barbies Bewitched and the Beatles Even her mother's pa. Hated it Pretty much the most boring torturous book I have ever read Although compared by people to Frank McCourt s Angela s Ashes I have no idea why it s not even in the same solar system Glad to see the New York Times book reviewer agreed with me even if Oprah didn t

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Blackbird A Childhood Lost and Found Free read ☆ 6 With the startling emotional immediacy of a fractured family photo album Jennifer Lauck's incandescent memoir is the story of an ordinary girl growing up at the turn of the 1970s and the truly extraordinary circumstances of a chi. I am fascinated by survival stories as a survivor myselfIt interests me to look into someone else s experience As children we just don t always understand what is going on Yet you do your best to survive and make sense of your lifeHow someone else managed is interesting to meI may have arrived at the doorstep of adulthood floating on a plankbut in my case only God can restore the years that the locust hath eaten He is and not only that working all things for GOOD