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  • 02 July 2018
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characters Blue Nights ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Joan Didion ↠ 0 Free read Free download Blue Nights Ars before Today would be her wedding anniversary This fact triggers vivid snapshots of uintana’s childhood in Malibu in Brentwood at school in Holmby Hills Reflecting on her daughter but also on her role as a parent Didion asks the candid uestions any parent might about how she feels she failed either because cues were not taken or perhaps displaced “How could I have missed what was clearly there to be seen” Finally perhaps w. My first work by Didion this is a follow up to The Year of Magical Thinking where Didion wrote about the loss of her husband This concerns the loss of Didion s adopted daughter uintana Roo in 2005 at 39 not long after the death of her husband Whilst Didion does cover the adoption of her daughter and some of her earlier life but she also goes on to relate the effects of aging and her reflections on them Didion has worked with words for a living and she is good with them Her ability to produce descriptive writing is obvious illustrated by this example relating to what would have been uintana s seventh wedding anniversary Seven years ago today we took the leis from the florist s boxes and shook the water in which they were packed onto the grass The white peacock spread his fan The organ sounded She wove white stephanotis into the thick braid that hung down her back She dropped a tulle veil over her head and the stephanotis loosened and fell The plumeria blossom Yet there is no description of uintana Roo at all and as the book continues the subject becomes the failure to address the certainties of growing old illness and death although the way Didion realises this is a way particular to her One day we are looking at the Magnum photograph of Sophia Loren at the Christian Dior show in Paris in 1968 and thinking yes it could be me I could wear that dress I was in Paris that year a blink of the eye later we are in one or another doctor s office being told what has already gone wrong why we will never again wear the red suede sandals with the four inch heels never again wear the gold hoop earrings the enamelled beads never now wear the dress Sophia Loren is wearing It is almost as though the subject changes as the book goes on although Didion does keep coming back to a uote that is repeated throughout the book When we talk about mortality we are talking about our children The memoir is haunting and given the series events this is not surprising Could you have seen had you been walking on Amsterdam Avenue and caught sight of the bridal party that day how utterly unprepared the mother of the bride was to accept what would happen before the year 2003 had even ended The father of the bride dead at his own dinner table The bride herself in an induced coma breathing only on a respirator not expected by the doctors in the intensive care to live the night The first in a cascade of medical crises that would end twenty months later with her death As one reviewer has pointed out this is a memoir about regret than grief but Didion is always uotable and has some interesting things to say about aging and the way it suddenly seems to be there as if we had not realised it was going to happenIt is a powerful memoir with some interesting reflections on aging but I was never uite sure what it was designed to be

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characters Blue Nights ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Joan Didion ↠ 0 Free read Free download Blue Nights E all remain unknown to each other Seamlessly woven in are incidents Didion sees as underscoring her own age something she finds hard to acknowledge much less accept   Blue Nights the long light evening hours that signal the summer solstice “the opposite of the dying of the brightness but also its warning” like The Year of Magical Thinking before it is an iconic book of incisive and electric honesty haunting and profoundly movi. The scuttlebutt about Blue Nights is that it s really different from Didion s other work and that is true But it s not different in a bad way Of the Didion books I ve read this struck me as the most poetic Certain evocative phrases are imbued with significance and repeated throughout the text I thought this was beautiful and effective and gave the book an almost obsessive uality that was completely appropriate I d been under the impression that Blue Nights was about Didion s daughter in the way The Year of Magical Thinking was about Didion s husband and certainly uintana plays a large role in this memoir But it s also a broader meditation on mortality and for me it worked on every level I couldn t put it down read it in a day and was totally devastated It s sad to think this may be the last book of new material we will ever see from Didion but if that s the case she has done herself proud and we should all be grateful I know I am

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characters Blue Nights ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Joan Didion ↠ 0 Free read Free download Blue Nights From one of our most powerful writers a work of stunning frankness about losing a daughter Richly textured with bits of her own childhood and married life with her husband John Gregory Dunne and daughter uintana Roo this new book by Joan Didion examines her thoughts fears and doubts regarding having children illness and growing old   Blue Nights opens on July 26 2010 as Didion thinks back to uintana’s wedding in New York seven ye. In certain latitudes there comes a span of time approaching and following the summer solstice some weeks in all when the twilights turn long and blueyou pass a window you walk to Central Park you find yourself swimming in the color blueover the course of an hour or so this blue deepens becomes intense even as it darkens and fades As I type this I wonder if I d be so lucky as to come across a blue night tonight the tranuil sight of a sky so clear yet so blue Deep blue And yet Blue Nights mean the opposite of brightness the inevitability of the fading There is something about the way in which Joan Didion writes that forces you to listen to her lugubrious melody for she does write in notes And lines And aesthetics Her meddlesome prose which interposes narrative with uestions uestions with thoughts thoughts with research She makes ordinary contemplations extraordinary I found myself reading this book at night in one sitting cover to cover holding my breath and wondering whether it was too disheartening of a read to try and tackle before going to bedStill I listened Blue Nights is a candid reflection on death motherhood illness and loss of an only daughter Though I wouldn t recommend reading this before reading The Year of Magical Thinking wherein Didion deals with the loss of her husband business partner writing soulmate and You read her books and you understand the life and times of the American writer most people only dream of becoming you see snippets of the behind the scenes life of the woman who penned numerous books and memoirs as well as screenplays with her husband Mostly you see a mother s pain as she remembers the daughter who passed at such a young age By the way if you ve read Isabel Allende s memoir Paula you will enjoy the similar themes of love death and remembrance What remained until now was unfamiliar what I recognize in the photographs but failed to see at the time they were taken are the startling depths and shallows of her expressions the uicksilver changes of mood Whenever Didion was working on a book her husband said she stayed up until about three in the morning had a drink and read some poetry before going to bed TS Eliot Wallace Stevens WH Auden you name it You see the poetry in her writing the repetition the ordinariness bestowed upon the reader in a poetic fashion the wordplay This is why you read Didion You also read knowing that there will be tons of uestions she ll ask of herself she will challenge herself on the page she will involve you the reader she will show why memoir is thought provoking and universal in its approach My cognitive confidence seems to have vanished altogether Even the correct stance for telling you this the ways to describe what is happening to me the attitude the tone the very words now elude my grasp When her daughter uintana was younger Didion always made her lunch the night before This is how her husband described the lunch in his wedding toast to their daughterlittle sandwiches with their crusts cut off cut into four triangular pieceshomemade fried chicken with little salt and pepper shakersstemmed strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar She was particular in life you see her do the same as she reflects on death In each vignette driven chapter she seems to contemplate life through death making sense of all that is good so that one doesn t die while still alive Though this seems odd it is a concept easy to grasp With this memoir she does what her entire family seems to have done at every downturn in life embrace life s experiences through the written word As I sit here contemplating this I only wish I d seen the one person play she wrote for The Year of Magical ThinkingShe was seventy five years old when she wrote this one of few memoirists who pen the present tense with such poise placing you right in the middle of it all with simplicity and ease that you re viewing a picture of Sophia Loren with her Loren is sitting on a gilt chair wearing a silk turban and smoking a cigarette achingly polished forever soign e and you re thinking what s the point But this is pure Didion style she will get to the point in an obliue fashion When we lose that sense of possible we lose it fast