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  • Coming Home
  • Mariah Stewart
  • English
  • 10 August 2019
  • 9780345520333

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DOWNLOAD ´ Coming Home REVIEW Coming Home M the nightmare she left behind The last thing she’s looking for is romance but the hot new man in town is hard to resist And when Vanessa’s past catches up with her Grady finds that he’s unwilling to let her become a victim again As together they fight her demons Grady and Vanessa discover that life still holds some surprises and that love doesn’t always have to hurtBONUS This edition includes an excerpt from Mariah Stewart's Long Way Home. Anyone that likes Debbie Macomber Sherryl Woods or Robyn Carr will love this book Coming Home is the first book in The Chesapeake Diaries series by Mariah Stewart It is part romance and part suspense but really it is a story about relationships and families The story takes place in St Dennis a small town on the Chesapeake Bay This book helps to set up the next two books in the trilogy In this book you are introduced to all the key players The focus of this book is Vanessa and Grady Both are wounded individuals when it comes to relationships but something clicks between them The romance blossoms much faster than it would in real life but hey this is romantic fiction It isn t real life Vanessa and Grady really seem to belong together regardless of the things that happened to them in the past The past however doesn t want to stay in the past Vanessa has a string of incidents happen that is than just a tiny police matter and Grady feels the need to step in This is really when their relationship blossoms it is also when some other relationships start to mend I love the small town that MsStewart created in this book The townspeople are fun and much like those that you find all over America This book could easily have been about my town She keeps both the romance and the suspense fairly light making this a great read for the beach I can t wait to dive into the next book

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Coming Home

DOWNLOAD ´ Coming Home REVIEW Coming Home E Chesapeake Bay Though he swears he isn’t interested in finding love again Grady can’t ignore the mutual sparks that fly when he meets Vanessa KeatonAlthough her past was marked by bad choices Vanessa has found that coming to St Dennis is the best decision she’s ever made Bling her trendy boutiue is a success with tourists as well as with the townspeople She’s made friends has a home she loves and has established a life for herself far fro. When Vanessa Keaton s escapes an abusive marriage she returns to the only place she has ever really called home Whilst Hal is not really her stepfather any he and her half brother Beck have never treated Vanessa as anything other than family after she was dumped on their doorstep by her neglectful mother Maggie Now she has rebuilt her life She has a successful dress boutiue in the small town of St Dennis called Bling she has friends and she is happy being singleWith Beck getting married his fiancee has asked her to look after her reclusive brother Grady Shields who will be in town for just a few days for the wedding Grady is ex FBI but now he lives in the isolated wilds of Montana He operates adventure tours but mostly he just wants to be alone and has done so since the death of his wife while he was an FBI agent He is also pretty sure he doesn t need a babysitter for the few days he is in town but he can t deny his attraction to VanessaWhen there are a series of incidents where Vanessa and her business appear to be the targets Grady steps in determined to protect her no matter what it takesThis is one of if not the only books in the series to have that romantic suspense style subplot It isn t my favourite thing but I can live with it occasionallyRating 45See my thoughts on the first five books in the series here

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DOWNLOAD ´ Coming Home REVIEW Coming Home New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart presents a captivating contemporary romance novel in the tradition of Robyn Carr Susan Mallery and Barbara FreethyIn the wake of his wife’s murder agent Grady Shields turned his back on the FBI and everything else to retreat into the vast solitude of Montana grieve for his lost love and forget the world But after years in seclusion his sister’s wedding draws him to St Dennis a peaceful town on th. 4255I ve always loved Mariah Stewart s heartwarming love stories And this is another book from her that brought me such enjoyment Despite being a bit slow paced at times this was a very nice and pleasant read It was sweet beautiful touching and emotional I enjoyed reading this one a lot