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  • Attention Deficit Democracy
  • James Bovard
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  • 11 January 2020
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characters Attention Deficit Democracy ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook review ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook º James Bovard James Bovard º 0 Read Y campaign ads James Bovard diagnoses a national malady called Attention Deficit Democracy characterized by a citizenry that seems to be paying less attention to facts and is less capable of judging when their ri. Pretty good book overall Lacks in some things as it s a decade and a half old while talking about the Bush administration in the present tense but some of it was eerily prescient about fake news and journalists being lazy hacks

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characters Attention Deficit Democracy ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook review ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook º James Bovard James Bovard º 0 Read Does the people's need to believe in the president trump their duty to understand to think critically and demand truth Have Americans been conditioned to ignore political frauds and believe the lies perpetuated b. i am not yet finished with this one am about 40% done kindle but i wanted to write a few things and that is what i am doing just finished a rather lengthy chapter on the torture issue and now i need to hit save on this so i can see my kindle highlights here so i can continue to write the things i d been thinking aboutthis is the rough draftfinal version my notes to myselfif another benefits from what is here hallelujah anyway bovard writes This book examines the rising ignorance of the electorate the fearmongering tactics of the 2004 and other presidential campaigns the profusion of lying and how it fundamentally changes candidates relation to citizens the ways in which contemporary elections are degenerating into a tawdry trading of votes for handouts and subservience and the current Messianic Democracy push soyeah okay some of the information here is new to me the ned the iri has to do with influencing elections the manner in which the usa has done so what with the hullabaloo over the alleged russian influencing elections here and the abundant lack of any evidence of that lack of anything to justify the hypeapropos here s one highlight McCain hooted in 1997 When we provide the democratic opposition in Albania with 12 Jeep Cherokees and they win an election I m incredibly proud and yet he is deeply disturbed at the thought of russian involvement on our shores okay johnnie you bet some relatively good information here regarding our usa influencing meddling overseas some of it new to mewhat else i just finished a lengthy chapter on the torture i m honesly inclined to not give a damn it s war both sides are trying to make the other side bleed and bleed profusely to bleed until they uit and we re talking about torture yeah okay sure it s war we expect people to be polite they hack off a guy s head on national television and caution us over and over that we can t use the word islam and terrorism in the same sentence torture they march twenty men in orange jumpsuits down to the beach hack off their heads torture meh toward the end of the lengthy very very protracted chapter on torture bovard asks the hypothetical uestion What would it take to make the public acuiesce to the torture of Americans Would simply applying an odious label such as cultmember at Waco or Muslim with John Walker Lindh to the victims be sufficient There certainly was little or no outcry about the brutalizing of John Walker Lindhand i thought finally you see bovard in this lengthy and protracted chapter chastising bush and company for torture one gets the sense that bush is there brandishing the electrodes and i suspect the only reason the bush name is used repeatedly is because the administration in the form of lawyers wrote down guidelines for torture otherwiseotherwise what i dunno there is no otherwise but i thought with that cultmember wordthat comes at the bottom of the pagethat i uickly turn to see if he makes the point i d been thinking about all alongwhen i read of torture that consisted of uote According to the logic of the attorney general nominee federal authorities could deprive American citizens of sleep isolate them in cold cells while bombarding them with unpleasant noises and interrogate them 20 hours a day while the prisoners were naked and hooded all without violating the Constitution end uotethe point is that was done on national television at waco and the people inside the building being bombarded with noise and light included children and it was general reno who rented a tank to do them inso mr bovard you you certainly know What would it take to make the public acuiesce to the torture of Americans you know you watched it too you saw it on national television you get the american people to acuiesce to the torture of americans by labeling them a cult you continue that mindset with eight years of abuse of the white house by having all and sundry use words like white trashred neckand big haired wimmenall in the name of keeping potus s numbes relevant and up there americans watched torture of their fellow americans on the nightly news and i remember the day the world war two vet walked outside to report on general reno driving the tank through the buildingnext door neighbor gone nowbut yeah you think people are not paying attention guess again anyway that is all for the moment bout 44% done had to look see when this came out 2005 so there s uite a bit of government lies and abuse not covered up to the current day curious to see how the rest of it goes41917 finishedand i m doneback to the torture issue bovard like i said devoted a long protracted chapter to the issue of torture i realize when one gets into a numbers game one risks in another chapter bovard writes about the number of irai children that died as a result of sanctions hundreds of thousands children disease this that the other sanctions staredpresumably under bush one continued under clinton and still in force to the us invasion while some were wringing their hands over some who were tortured that same heart felt emotion was missing when the matter was the death of irai children perspective meh why botherthroughout bovard makes the point that the american electorate is less than stellar in their choice at the polls not as much time is spent on the idea that we are presented with two choices a third if there happens to be a third force contendersay ross perot was it in 92 96 that probably had something to do with why bcfr came about the incumbent protection plan and a violation of the 1st amendment though it was upheld by the ussc their decision coming down a few days before saddam was found hiding in a hole what bovard does not coverthe lament that we continue to elect deceitful men and then re elect them to a second term is the argument that we are losing our liberty as a result is a point what bovard doesn t say anything about is the army of bureaucrats who are unelected accountable and who have all three powers of government at their disposal unelected unaccountable bureaucrats writing regulations that have the force of law is fascism when those same bureaucrats have all three powers of government at their disposal it is fascism suaredor cubed never could get my geometry straight nothing about that in hereummmma couple items i notedat one point bovard used this expression It was unclear whether this warning rallied the redneck vote for Bushthe point isn t this warningthe point is the use of the term redneck used without apology or regret imagine bovard using the fabled n word we wouldn t hear the end of it but it goes to what i ve been sayingin the various speak bitterness campaigns i m free to engage in on facebookthat after 8 years of hearing the same disparaging words from the media elite during the clinton abuse of the white houseafter 8 years of hearing the warnings about using the words islam and terrorism in the same sentenceafter 8 years of hearing the racist label bandied about whenever i ve openly expressed disapproval of citizen obama s objectivesi ll say that i am not surprised at all that the one candidate who resembled a third party candidate trump was elected i doubt i am alone in my thinkingwe know the zombies are taught not to denigrate the different we hear it almost daily we re inundated with it political correctness but like i said for 8 years during clinton for 8 years during obama the zombies have also know that there are some it is perfectly okay to denigrate here s another that bovard uses Despite history s failure to validate his theory Kant s doctrine has been embraced in recent decades with the fervor of a religious revival meetingunlike some here too many at goodreads who should be subject to the same show me don t tell me criticism i prefer to show there s no doubt what is meant by religious revival meeting and there s no doubt the zombies would know that yes it is okay to denigrate the different in this case the christian and yes it is okay to use a tank to run over cult members the ultimate torture because the media and political elite have said soin so many words all goes to support my point that after a certain amount of time the people get fed up and chose another pathmuch of bovard s thesis can be summed up in jefferson s words from the declartion paraphrased probably that all experience has shown that mankind are disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable rather than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they have grown accustomed remains to be seen whether the people can take back that liberty which has been taken from them by dishonest power hungry politiciansbovard uses the fact of polling to support his claim that the people are somewhat ignorant of government too trusting all so very scientific polling i remember answering the phone on occasion some pollster asking uestions me with a mouthful of spaghetti or the pot boiling or me wanting a cold beer just having gotten home from work meh polling science and yet i tend to agree with his claim that the majority majority of people are not engaged enough with the political processummmwhat else endless footnotes touches on the court decision was it kelo kelso about the land grab touches on bcfr has some truly remarkable and dumbfounding uotes from politicians heh there s one from nixona number of othersthat s all for now i doubt i try to re write this try to make it coherent for whomwait nowthere was another point i wanted to make what was itbovard touches briefly on the idea of the two party we have i know the lastat least six presidential elections my vote has been for the lesser of two evils can t say it any clearer than that forget the offices below that forget trying to engage representatives think it is interesting that when one on the right opposes big government the label is anti government when that is not true smaller government yes anti government no how about the left a variety of labels i guessunpatriotic this that the other from a variety of sources when the anti gov t label comes from across the board from all curious is all i wanted something to readmaybe to cleanse the palateafter listening to cnn or fox news on the truck radioi rarely watch television thought bovard would be the ticket somewhat dissatisfied that so much was made about the torture of a relative few compared to the small service paid to the death of hundreds of thousands of childrenand i had to backtrack to discover what president was responsible for thatbush one clinton and bush twobut there was no doubt about the torture issue bushcheney and like i said americans watched other americans being tortured on the nightly news a la wacotexasand narry a word not a word bovard did touch on the waco incident laterafter i wrote the far above past the 44% read markall in all good read

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characters Attention Deficit Democracy ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook review ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook º James Bovard James Bovard º 0 Read Ghts and liberties are under attack Bovard's careful research combined with his characteristically caustic style will give ADD a whole new meaning that pundits politicians and we the people will find hard to igno. In the conclusion of this book Attention Deficit Democracy the author James Bovard makes the following observationWe will know that Americans have regained the right toward Washington when a negligent congressman dreads a public meeting with his constituents the same way the average citizen anticipates an IRS auditI find this interesting for at the time of the writing of this review a well known Arizona US Senator was subjected to a excoriating audience in Gilbert AZ at a town hall meeting Many were unhappy with the politics that are emanating from the nation s Capitol and it seems that politicians are finally coming under fire for their negligent work in defending the Constitution and the rights of the peopleMr Bovard thesis to this book is that the American people have been subjected by politicians to bevy of lies for so long that their tolerance to the fibs has deadened their sense of civic duty Subjects that were covered include the ignorance of the voting public the scaremongering that surrounds presidential elections the idea of a reverse slave auction where the electorate does not elect statesmen but rather their slave masters and the idea of messianic democracy where our government intended to spread the gospel of democracy through deceit and foreign domination Mr Bovard elaborates on these subjects with clarity but he tends to repeat himself a bit but then again that is to be expected when the lies come fast and furious It was a uick and enjoyable read of just over 250 pages along with an index and end notes The author encourages us to return to the ideas of the Founding Fathers and tells us not to rely on Washington for all of their needs There is eual disrespect for both parties with George W Bush and Bil Clinton getting grilled so this tome is completely non partisan Highly recommended